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In 2005, Professor Khunying Suchada Kiranandana (President of Chulalongkorn University) and Professor Soottiporn Chittmittrapap (Vice President), along with Assistant Professor M.R. Kalaya Tingsabadh (Dean of the Graduate School), and the deans of various faculties and research units who work in this area, have realized the importance of establishing, Biomedical Engineering Program in Chulalingkorn University. Thereafter, with the efforts of Associate Professor Watcharapong Khovidhungij and Professor Suthirak Pathumraj and the collaboration from many professors, the Biomedical Engineering Programs were launched in Chulalongkorn University in 2006 offering two degree programs, namely, Master of Science Program and Doctor of Philosophy Program in Biomedical Engineering.
          The area of Biomedical Engineering is complicated but challenging. The collaboration from various sciences is very important for the development of Biomedical Engineering researches. The research outcomes will have significant effects on the health, quality of life and economy of human society.
          Since 2006, some of researches have been applied to the clinic, while many of them have been in continuous development for the advancement of technology for the future.

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